Lions Head Sunrise

Cape Town sunrise When the alarm clock goes off in the very early hours it is often easy to regret the decision to bike up [...]

Lions Head sunrise hike

Sunrise in Africa There is no better place to view the sunrise from than Lions Head in Cape Town. Starting the hike in the early [...]

Tranquility cracks hike on Table Mountain

The hike to tranquility cracks on Table Mountain is a favourite with regular mountain hikers. Off the beaten track it is a maze of narrow gorges between [...]

Off the beaten track on Table Mountain

Llandudno ravine, the Grootkop caves and Oudekraal ravine Visitors to Cape Town are often surprised by the sheer size of Table Mountain. Not so much [...]

The most popular hike on Table Mountain

Of course everything is subjective and different people enjoy different aspects of different hikes, but without a doubt, one of my popular routes up Table [...]

Summer Hiking on Table Mountain

Hiking on Table Mountain in the summer The summers in Cape Town are perfect for exploring Table Mountain on foot. Its the dry season and [...]

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Lions Head Caves

Lions Head hiking One of the most popular hikes in Cape Town is Lions Head. This is the small "Sugarloaf" peak alongside Table Mountain. You [...]

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The easiest hike up Table Mountain

Which is the easiest hike up Table Mountain The quickest way up to the plateau and the cable car area of Table Mountain is Platteklip [...]

Hiddingh-Ascension route up Table Mountain

The Hiddingh-Ascension route up Table Mountain begins in Newlands Forest and takes you up what must truly be one of the remotest parts of the [...]

5 day Table Mountain Trail

Multi day hiking on Table Mountain Please note that the full 5 day trail is no longer available due to fire damage to a couple [...]