Of course everything is subjective and different people enjoy different aspects of different hikes, but without a doubt, one of my popular routes up Table Mountain is the India Venter route.

Its not an ideal route for everyone as there is some exposure and easy rock climbing. However you don’t need any experience. You just need to be reasonably fit and enjoy an adventure.

This photos is of the venster, or window. Easy to see why it earns this name.


It does get steep in places. The picture below gives you an idea of bow steep it can be.


The views are truly amazing.


After about 2 hours the route changes course and instead of heading straight up the cliff behind us we follow a flatter trail called Fountain ledge overlooking Camps Bay and looking down the 12 apostles.

If you are looking for an adventure whilst in Cape Town get in touch with Ridgway Ramblers and try the India Venster hiking trail. It will be the highlight of your visit.