Lions Head sunrise hike

Sunrise in Africa There is no better place to view the sunrise from than Lions Head in Cape Town. Starting the hike in the early [...]

Lions Head Hike

There is a city under the cloud! Winters can offer some of the most beautiful hiking in the Cape. We get wonderfully clear, windless days [...]

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Winter mists and Table Mountain

The winter in Cape Town offers some of the best hiking weather. Its generally a pleasant temperature and the wind is often quite light. Of [...]

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Wallys cave on Lions Head

If you are looking for a relatively easy hike, with magnificent views and a little off the beaten track. Try Wallys cave on Lions Head. [...]

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A little bit of Cape Town history

The Noon Day gun Many visitors to Cape Town may have found themselves somewhat alarmed at the loud bang that can resound at midday each [...]

Can I hike alone on Table Mountain

Is it safe to hike on Table Mountain? Many people ask about safety concerns with hiking on Table Mountain and of course there are 2 [...]

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Table Mountain fires

Fire and Table Mountain Visitors to Cape Town in early March would have witnessed the huge fire that appeared to devastate sections of the Table [...]

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The Skeleton Gorge Table Mountain hike

Hike up Table Mountain from Kirstenbosch gardens One of the amazing things about Table Mountain is the difference between the different sides of the mountain [...]

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Hiking on a windy day in Cape Town

Lions Head is the smaller "sugar loaf" peak alongside Table Mountain. Often called the "best value for energy hike in the Cape" It offers a short (+/- 2 hour) hike with the most amazing views of Cape Town and Table Mountain. Very popular with locals it is often quite busy especially when the South Easter is pumping (strong wind blowing) and the famous Table Cloth is covering Table Mountain

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Things to see on top of Table Mountain

Those of you who know a bit about Fynbos, the plant kingdom found on top of Table Mountain will know that fire is a natural part of the ecosystem. Without fire many of the plant species would fail to regenerate. This of course creates a bit of a problem with the city being slap bang in the middle of the plant kingdom.

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