Sunrise in Africa

There is no better place to view the sunrise from than Lions Head in Cape Town.

Starting the hike in the early hours of the morning is spectacular in itself as the views over the city are amazing. You can be at the top in a little over an hour so the start is not too early.

The first 30 to 40 minutes of the trail take you on a full circle of Lions Head so after the twinkling city lights and Camps Bay you look out over the Atlantic and may be lucky enough to see the moon before this disappears over the horizon.

Back again to the city side the light begins to change light begins to emerge around Devils Peak and the distant winelands mountains.

The rest of the hike is along the East facing side of Lions Head and up the ridge that runs North so even if you don’t make the top before sunrise you won’t miss it.


Once on top you can relax and enjoy the spectacular views before heading back down to a well deserved breakfast.

Sunrise over Cape Town