Cape Town sunrise

When the alarm clock goes off in the very early hours it is often easy to regret the decision to bike up lions head to see the sunrise. 

This is especially true in mid summer (Dec) as sunrise it at 5.30am, meaning you need to start hiking at around 4.30. (Eek) However. This is really one of my favourite Cape Town experiences.

At the car park before even beginning the hike the view of the city is just amazing.

The first 30 minutes of the trail takes you right around the west side of the mountain so you can also get some amazing moon views over the Atlantic.

On coming back around to the Eastern side the light is already quite different and watching the sun make it’s way up into the sky is amazing.

After spending some time on the top it’s time to head down and explore a couple of the side walks and different views.

Finally back at the car and back home for coffee and breakfast with the whole day still ahead of you.

Truly a magnificent way to start the day.

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