A backpack, good grip trekking shoes, rain jacket, sunscreen, some energy treats and
liquids. Those are just a few essentials for your hiking trip to the mountains.

Hiking for everyone

Slovenia has more than 10,000 marked hiking trails and 352 mountains over 2.000 m,
welcoming experienced alpinists, intermediate level hikers, beginners, individuals, couples,
friends and families. Away from the crowded cities and main tourist attractions you can find
some peace for your body and soul. Walking and hiking is one of the best sports where you
don”t have to be too athletic and perfectly fit. A lot of additional skills are not required. Just
literally one step at the time.

Safe and healthy time in the mountains

Trekking is also one of the most healthy activities. While it lowers the risk of heart disease,
trekking also improves your blood pressure and blood sugar levels and boosts bone density.
Spending time in nature can lift your mood and also improve mental health. According to
researchers, quality time spent outdoors, surrounded by a beautiful nature and fresh clean
air reduces stress, calms anxiety and can lead to a lower risk of depression. Walking and
hiking can be recommended especially in these difficult and sensitive times of physical
distancing, because its predominantly an individual or couple activity, so you should feel
comfortable enjoying the fresh air, working out and staying safe at the same time. However,
you should always follow the safety measures in the mountains to avoid injuries and

From peak to table

Hiking is a unique experience and this time we recommend some breathtaking hiking routes
in the Slovenian Julian Alps. You will experience the joys of walking the Alps, such as
stunning views and wildlife encounters, get the opportunity to try traditional homemade foods
and learn about Slovenian mountaineering culture. You can choose moderate or more
difficult trails and see what the world is like from the highest Slovenian peaks.

Hut to hut

If you happen to spend your holidays in Slovenian mountains, you can count on a wonderful
experience. Not just because you will appreciate the beautiful countryside and have a good
healthy workout, but also because you will find yourself in calm and not crowded paths, such
a convenient added value in these times. You can decide for a daily walk and pick another
destination every day or take up to 3 days organized hike across the Slovenian mountains.
You can opt for an amazing 3 days organized hut to hut tour. The tour starts at the gorgeous
Lake Bohinj and leads past high pastures dotted with grazing cattle, the source of famous
Slovenian cheeses and soured milk. As we ascend further, the terrain will become more
rocky and the scenery will change to majestic rugged slopes with scarce alpine vegetation,
the home of graceful wild climbers, such as chamois or ibex.
So, pack your backpack and hit the path!