Frequently asked questions

1. Do I really need to take a guide?

Table Mountain is a surprisingly big mountain once you get to the top. It is easy to get  lost especially if the clouds come down. Your guide will ensure your safety and can  also take you away from the more touristy areas where you can really feel you are in a wilderness area. PLUS a guide will give you information concerning the flora, fauna, history and other interesting aspects of Table Mountain and The Cape

2. Do I need to be really fit?

There are hikes suitable for everyone on Table Mountain. You can even get the cable car to the top of the mountain, and go for a full days hike on a relatively flat area. On the other hand there are strenuous and exciting hikes  for those looking for a challenge.

3. Are their dangerous animals on the mountain?

The only dangerous animal on the mountain are snakes and in 20 years of hiking your guide has seen a snake 3 times. On all occasions the snake moved out of the way without any threat. As long as you stick to the paths you will be in no danger.

4. If I get tired, can I take a quick way down?

We can select a route  that finishes at the cable car. Thus you can take that down if you don’t feel like a long descent.

5. If I only have a morning  free, can I make it the top of the mountain.

If you are reasonable fit, yes. There are 2 options. One an exciting scramble  and one a  straightforward but steep walk. Both routes take the average person 2 to 3 hours to the top. You can then get  the cable car down.

6. How much water do I need?

At least a litre per person. Your guide will carry extra water if you run out.

7. I am travelling on my own. Can I book a walk with you?

Yes. As a single traveller you can join a group hike on any hikes that are available.

8. Where should I stay in Cape Town?

Cape Town is a very sprawling city so we are only able to offer pick ups from the central area and nearby suburbs. There are plenty of awesome places that range from very up market large hotel, so boutique guest houses and backpacks.

 For an idea of the full range you can check on a website such as  HotelsCombined

Feel free to contact me and ask for further advice on where to stay and where we pick up from.