Ridgway Ramblers in shut down

During the Corona virus pandemic, along with all my fellow South Africans I am confined to my house with a wonderful view of Table Mountain but no chance to hike.

It will be interesting to explore the mountain after this phase and see what changes may have taken place. Unique in its position in the middle of a city and although prior to the pandemic it was always possible to hike for km and see no sign of people. There neverthless must be an impact from the constant presence of people.

In my years as a guide (and as a private hiker) I have been lucky enough to see, klipspringer, caracal, himalayan tahrs, mongeese etc. Whilst these sighting have been a treat I have always imagined the wildlife to be observing us from the fynbos keeping well out of sight. I imagine the wildlife is heaving a well earned sigh of relief and wondering where we have all got to. Except perhaps the dassies found at the cableway area! They have probably already lost a couple of kilos.

As with all trials this time will pass and Ridgway Rambler will be straight back on the mountain so keep in touch and hopefully see you on the hill in the not too distant future.