You can still hike whilst the cableway is closed

From the 7th until the 26th of July 2020 the cable car up the iconic Table Mountain will be closed for maintenance.

This is one of the best times to explore the mountain on foot.

Many people who hike on Table Mountain during the year find that arriving at the plateau is a bit of a culture shock. After several hours hiking in pristine wilderness, bumping into perhaps one or two other groups of hikers arriving at such a crowded area with all the smells, sights and sounds of civilization can be an abrupt awakening. Of course it has its up sides too. Like the availability of a cold cool drink and a relaxing ride down the mountain.

However when the cable car is closed you can enjoy the views with only a few fellow hikers, and enjoy a couple of hours extra hiking. There are numerous trails so you don;t need to take the same route up and down the mountain. As its July which is winter in South Africa the temperatures are usually perfect for hiking so the additional hours feel like a bonus.

Even if you feel you are not fit enough or do not have the time to hike both up and down the mountain there is no reason for you not to enjoy some great views. Lions Head or a contour path hike are both +/- 3 hour hikes with fantastic views.

To book your hike contact Ridgway Ramblers.

We will tailor make a hike to suit you, your family and the time you have available.