Hike up Table Mountain from Kirstenbosch gardens

One of the amazing things about Table Mountain is the difference between the different sides of the mountain in terms of scenery and vegetation. The Skeleton Gorge hike from Kirstenbosch gardens to the cable car is one of the best routes for seeing these differences.

The start of the hike takes you through the lush and green lawns of the gardens and on up a gorge lined thickly with indigenous trees and ferns. The rocks are covered in moss and thick vines hang off the trees as you follow a tumbling stream up a steep gorge.

Table Mountain walks

The first ladder in Skeleton Gorge

Eventually when almost at the top you emerge briefly from the trees to see views right across False Bay.

Once at the top of the gorge you continue to climb but less steeply through amazing waist high fynbos. The forests are now replaced by endless varieties of Protea and erica, and as you get higher you see more and more of the Peninsula unfolding behind you. Both Oceans become visible displaying the Peninsula in all its glory.

The waist high fynbos on the trail.

The waist high fynbos on the trail.


As you near the highest point and begin to turn in a more Westerly direction the vegetation changes again. Dominated now by restios and much more bare rock. This terrain continues as you cross the plateau to the cable car station. The views are now of the city and West coast.

Table Mountain hikes

The views of the city from Table Mountain

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