Hike up Lions Head

Lions Head is the smaller “sugar loaf” peak alongside Table Mountain. Often called the “best value for energy hike in the Cape” It offers a short (+/- 2 hour) hike with the most amazing views of Cape Town and Table Mountain. Very popular with locals it is often quite busy especially when the South Easter is pumping (strong wind blowing) and the famous Table Cloth is covering Table Mountain thus obscuring the views from here.

The parking area is on Signal hill road and well marked. The trail begins on a wide road that is well marked and circles the mountain on a relatively steep incline. After about 20 minutes as you begin to overlook Clifton the road narrows to a path that continues around the mountain.

Table Mountain walks

The path narrows again as you complete a full circle

As you complete the full circle and look down on the city again the path narrows even more and there are some short ladders and scrambles that take you to a really nice scramble. There are staples in the rock and a chain to help you here.

Table Mountain hike

Scambling up the chains

Once up the scramble you continue steeply up and onto the final ridge which begins with a ladder. After the ladder it is an easy scramble up the ridge to the top.

As Lions Head lies in the shade of Table Mountain it is largely sheltered from the Cape Doctor. Hence when it is blowing a gale, the hike up Lions Head can be pleasantly breezy and the view from the top unobscured by cloud.

Table Mountain in the background covered with a famous Table Cloth

Table Mountain in the background covered with a famous Table Cloth

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