Winter walks in Cape Town

Unlike the rest of South Africa, the wet season in Cape Town is the winter months of June, July and August. We have the so called “Mediterranean climate” of warm, dry summers and mild, moderately wet winters. A perfect climate really. We don’t suffer from humidity or large and dangerous thunder storms. The average maximum summer temperature is a very comfortable 26 degrees centigrade, while in the winter it is 18 degrees centigrade. (still very comfortable) The wettest month of June and August still only average 13.7  days of rain. So we still have 17 wonderfully clear days to walk in even in our wettest month.

Following one of the wettest days the mountain is a different place. All over the mountain streams have become flooding rivers and small pour overs raging waterfalls. Many of the paths directly below cliffs offer a cooling shower as you walk and the fynbos positively gleams with health.

The contour path

Along the contour path many small streams have become raging rivers

One of the most popular hikes immediately following a heavy downpour is along the contour path above Kirstenbosch gardens. This the greener side of the mountain is characterised by thick Afromotane forest and the path is crossed throughout the year by gently running streams.

hiking above Hout Bay

A waterfall found above Hout Bay

Above Newlands forest gushing torrents of water are visible from the freeway and Southern suburbs.Many of these gorges are dry through out the summer.

On the Western side of the mountain with its harsh cliffs and much less in the way of trees, the water falls dry up much sooner but immediately following the rain numerous water falls create points of beauty on a hike.Rooikat ravine

Cecelia Waterfall although running throughout the year is particularly impressive immediately after a storm.

 Don’t be put off by the weather. A walk in the rain or immediately after the rain can be some of the best hiking on Table Mountain. Click here for more information on hiking in Cape Town or  Contact us.