Of course I hope I never have to use first aid whilst out in the mountains, however its always best to be prepared and with this in mind I have just completed and passed a 10 day, fairly intense first aid course with Wild Medix  (http://www.wildmedix.com)

A lot of theory to be absorbed as well as practicals. And these guys don’t mess around with the practicals. We were warned on booking to wear old clothes and discovered this was due to the fake blood and other props they use.

This is me pretending to have a broken leg







Believe me it is amazingly realistic and even if you know its not real it can be very stressful. Especially as a lot of the “patients” were members of wildmedix staff who are obviously employed for their acting ability. Doing these sims though really do prepare you for how it might be should something ever happen.

another very real simulation







2 exams and I passed both with flying colours! (phew)

I highly recommend this course for anyone who spends a lot of time in the great outdoors. Really fun and informative. And one day, will maybe save a life.