Which hike on Table Mountain should I do?

There are so many wonderful trails on Table Mountain that deciding on which route to do can be daunting. Whichever you choose you can be sure will be an amazing experience with fantastic views and variety of flora. You will not be disappointed whichever you choose.

Here are a few pointers to take into consideration:

Time available:- Table mountain is a lot larger that people imagine. So you can do a really challenging full day hike if you have the time. Areas of interest on the mountain include: the reservoirs, tranquility cracks and the valley of isolation – to name a few. All of these are several hours hike from the plateau and it is perfectly possible to hike all day and not see any other person.

But if your time is limited there are trails from the city to the plateau you can do in less than 2 hours.

Weather:- Of course as with any mountain the weather on Table Mountain can be unpredictable and totally different to the city. Often the weather will dictate the best route. Different sides of the mountain are often experience entirely different weather conditions. As a cold front approaches the city you can walk up on the Eastern side and have completely clear conditions whilst the Western side is completely clouded in.

Whilst on a very hot day you might want to take advantage of the shade in the morning on the Western side.

Your fitness: Although a relatively small mountain (1086m at the highest point) You do need a reasonable level of fitness to climb up the mountain. Whichever route you choose in steep. Of course there is no rush so plenty of time to rest and catch your breath. If you are concerned about fitness it would probably be better to do one of the shorter trails that lead straight to the cable way station.

How adventurous are you?:- On Table Mountain there are a wonderful variety of routes so if you are quite adventurous you can do a scramble route. This means “easy climbing” Nothing technical or that needs experience but just really fun.

Whichever route you choose you will have a fantastic time. By hiking up the mountain you do experience it as a mountain not just another view point. So give me a call to book a hike.

Table Mountain walks

You will not be disappointed whichever route you choose