Which is the best hike for me on Table Mountain?

Wow! What a difficult question.

There are so many different trails on Table Mountain each very different in terms of terrain and views that to choose a best one is incredibly difficult.

Which is best for you really depends upon:

  • Your sense of adventure
  • The time you have available
  • Your level of fitness

If you are an adventurous hiker then India Venster might be a good choice. This is a really fun scramble route up the main face of Table Mountain. By scramble we mean easy rock climbing! You really don’t need any experience but do need a head for height.

Table Mountain walks

One of the scrambles on India Venster

Or if you prefer something more straight forward Platteklip Gorge is an amazing gorge that takes you steeply up the main face but with no exposure or scrambling. Again the view are quite amazing.

Table Mountain hikes

Platteklip gorge offers a steep but straight forward trail

If you have more time it is well worth taking one of the longer trails. Do not be fooled into thinking these routes are necessarily less strenuous! Table Mountain is 56 km sq and home to 5 reservoirs, numerous gorges and rivers and of course the unique fynbos plant kingdom. Thus on the longer trails you get a good work out on the initial ascent but once on the “back of the mountain” can spend some time exploring the wilderness area found up there.

Two of the most popular are Skeleton Gorge and Kasteelspoort.

Found on opposite sides of the mountain these 2 routes are entirely different in character.

Skeleton Gorge follows a stream and for most of the way up you are in thick indigenous forest.


Table Mountain walks

One of the ladders found on Skeleton Gorge

In contrast Kasteelspoort is all about the sea and cliff scenary

Hiking Table Mountain

A view of the Western seaboard from Kasteelspoort

Once at the top of either of the above gorges you can either head to the plateau and cable car which is a further 2 hour + hike which ever route you took up or you can explore more of the back of the mountain. There are beaches, gorges, rivers, caves.  Numerous other routes down. Really you are spoiled for choice.

Interesting rock formations

Hely Hutchinson Dam

Table Mountain hikes

Great photo opportunities

Natural springs

So to choose the best hike is just too difficult. Really I’d recommend you do a few to really get the full enjoyment from your time here.