Can I get up Table Mountain in a


When I was asked by John May about possible wheelchair rambles on Table Mountain the jeep track from Constantia Nek immediately came to mind. Of course it would be hard work but why not give it a try? John was keen, so with the help of 4 strong young guys we gave it a go.

The team before the big pull

The Table Mountain Team

In fact the pull up the hill was almost ridiculously easy. With 2 guys in front with ropes attached to the front of the chair providing most of the pulling and one guy steering in the usual “push” position we made it to the De Villiers dam in time for lunch
Pulling John up Table Mountain

With willing hands, anything is possible

We spent the night in the Overseers cottage at the top of the road and spent most of the afternoon relaxing with a wonderful early evening braai. The next day we then continued around the dams and to the waterworks museum
The downward journey was a bit more difficult than the uphill as obviously the last thing we wanted to do was release the wheelchair to the forces of gravity. However once again with 2 guys on ropes and one guy driving we made it down safely and happily.
Heading back down Table Mountain

John looking relaxed on the way down


In the words of John “The adventure of a lifetime”