Walks on Table Mountain after a storm

During the winter months (June – August) the Cape does get battered by some pretty big storms. They come in from the North and can be seen in the form of cloud banks approaching the West coast. They hit hard and furious but usually only last a day, after which a walk on the mountain is a real treat as the water gushing from the mountain form numerous small waterfalls.

Table Mountain walks

The cold front approaching Cape Town.

Today I did one of my favourite post rain walks. I went from Cecelia Forest up to Cecelia waterfall, up Cecelia Ridge to the back of Table Mountain and then down Nursery Ravine with a quick detour to look at the waterfall at Skeleton Gorge before returning to my car.

The little stream running through the forest was absolutely gushing, flooding the path in places but forming some absolutely lovely little cascades on the way up. The main Cecelia waterfall was a big treat though. Impossible to get past without getting wet it was incredibly beautiful. This despite much of it having been washed away in a huge storm last year.

I decided to come down Nursery Ravine as opposed to Skeleton Gorge as in the wet Skeleton can be slippery and dangerous as a descent. Nursery is pretty amazing anyway and in places the path was a gushing river necessitating wet feet in places.

Once back on the contour path a few minutes further walk took me to the bottom of Skeleton Gorge. Like Cecelia this waterfall was hugely impressive and well worth the extra walk.

Table Mountain treks

The Skeleton Gorge waterfall