Looking for rainbows on a Table

 Mountain hike

Today the South Easter howled in Cape Town. If you were in the Southern suburbs or town itself you might not have realised how strong it was. But on top of the mountain it was strong and even brought a sprinkle of rain in the mid morning.

I spent the morning hiking ip Lions Head with a family from States. We decided to go up Lions Head as the South Easter cloud on the mountain would have obscured any views. As we set off the light sprinkling of rain made its presence known, but luckily the apprarance of a rainbow over the 12 Apostels made sure no one allowed the little shower to upset us.

The rain quickly disappeared so we were able to carry on the top. 

Running through my photos I’ve found a few other occasions when I’ve been lucky enough to see a rainbow on Table Mountain. Here are a few of them:

This photo is taken from Eagles Nest. This is a small peak on the back Table.

This beautiful double rainbow is also taken from the Back Table. This time from Constantia Corner.


This photo was taken on the way to a hike from the Southern suburbs. Again we had a lovely hike with just a smattering of rain.

 This final photo was taken from the contour path. We were perfectly dry but could see the conditions at the cable car were not great