The Orange kloof hiking trail on

 Table Mountain

Orange Kloof is the area at the South end of Table Mountain which does not have open access. Everywhere else on Table Mountain (except for the botanical gardens) entry is free through open gates. The reason for the extra protection given to Orange Kloof is due to the Afromotane forest found there.

Orange Kloof on Table Mountain

Orange Kloof. The only restricted area on Table Mountain

Afromotane forest is found throughout South Africa in patches. Water is the limiting factor with these patches occurring mainly below 1000m in kloofs and gullies. Always beautiful, the protection afforded these isolated patches of forest are vital to the protection of the diversity of plant species found in South Africa.

Orange Kloof. Table Mountain

The beautiful forest of Orange Kloof

Walking in Orange Kloof

A permit is given to 1 group of 12 people daily, and those who book into the tented camp in the kloof  are also permitted to hike there. Each group is required to take a registered mountain guide with them. Thus there is a maximum of 24 people in the area daily. There are a couple of hiking trails you can do. All beautiful and well worth the effort of obtaining a permit. The most popular is Disa Gorge. This is where the forest is at its most impressive.

About half way up you also have the opportunity to see the site of the old tunnel that was built in the 1800’s in order to divert the water to the Pipe Track and hence the Molteno reservoir in Cape Town.

Woodhead Tunnel. Table Mountain

Exploring the Woodhead Tunnel in Disa Gorge

At the top of the gorge you are met by the imposing wall of the Woodhead Dam, and steps up the side lead you onto the back table.

The Woodhead Reservoir wall

The dam wall at the top of Disa Gorge

This really is a hike for the whole family. The gorge although steep is very straightforward, and the opportunity to explore the tunnel at the half way point keeps everyones interest at a high level.

Join Ridgway Ramblers on a guided hike in Orange Kloof. It will be a day you will never forget