The fynbos plant kingdom

Floral kingdoms are derived from the species, genera and families of plants that are endemic to a region. (that is found nowhere else in the world) The Fynbos plant kingdom found on Table Mountain and covering much of the Western Cape of South Africa is the smallest of the 6 plant kingdoms found in the world and is the most species diverse. To give you an idea of this diversity, compare the fact that per 10,000km of fynbos there are an average of 1300 different species of plant, whilst in the Brazilian rain forest over the same surface area there is an average of only 400 different species. Add the fact that 70% of these species are only found here and you will realise that the plants found on Table Mountain are pretty special.


Fynbos has 4 characteristic groups of plants. These are the proteas, characterised by tall shrubs and broad leaves. Ericas, which are smaller heath like plants, restios which are reeds and geophytes which are bulbous soft stemmed plants.

Protea plant on Table Mountain

The beautiful sugar bush is just one of the variety of Protea plants found on Table Mountain

So next time you take a walk on Table Mountain take notice of the plant life around you. It is the worlds richest natural garden.

The best way to get out and about in the fynbos is to go on a walk. Even if you are not super fit it is very easy to get into one of the reserves and stroll along one of the paths there.

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