The disa’s on Table Mountain

The Disa’s on Table Mountain are the best this year that I’ve seen. Maybe its just timing but it seems the colour size and numbers seem more impressive than in previous years.

A Disa is a type of orchid and the Red Disa or “Pride of Table Mountain” is the largest of the 169 terrestrial disa’s found in Southern Africa.

Striking in appearance with its bright red colour and large size, it flowers for only a relatively short period along streams and damp cliff faces.

Found in a few places thoroughout the Western Cape from late January through February the best places to find them on Table Mountain are Myburghs waterfall ravine, Disa gorge, Smuts track as it crosses window gorge and the Aquaduct. You will also find a few isolated Disa’s at the top of Kasteelspoort and on the way up Skeleton gorge.

This year they are magnificent in the aquaduct.

Table Mountain. Red Disa

The beautiful orchid. The Red Disa


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