It never ceases to amaze me how many different routes there are up Table Mountain. All of them require some level of fitness and several also need a head for heights and the ability to scramble a bit. The Blind Gully route is one of these more adventurous routes but you really don’t need to be a climber.

Blind Gulley is on the Atlantic seaboard (West side) of Table Mountain and pretty much heads directly up the mountain. You start on the Diagonal path and then just after the first rock bands find a small path leading off to the left. This trail leads you to a water course on the left side of Blinkwater needle. In the summer when its dry you can simply follow this watercourse. There are some small scrambles but otherwise its quite straightforward.

Table Mountain walks

Some minor scrambles on a grassy ledge

Or if its wet there is a small path alongside the stream. It is steep and loose and smaller paths occasionally lead off it, but you basically just head straight up the mountain.

Eventually just below the saddle the path leads you to the right and to a minor scramble up onto the shoulder of the needle.

Table Mountain hiking

The view from Blind Gully

Here is where the path gets interesting. From the shoulder the ascent looks impossible. However just follow your nose towards the mountain initially along the side of porcupine buttress until you get to a grassy ledge that takes you to the left and up to a narrow small gorge. Here it is quite precipitous and there are a couple of easy scrambles. You continue almost straight up the edge of the buttress until eventually the path flattens out and joins the path from valley of the red gods.

This is a really fun quick route up the mountain for anyone looking for a bit of adventure and to get off the beaten path.