Sunrise hike on Lions Head

When the alarm clock goes off well before it starts to get light it is easy to wonder why on earth you thought it would be a good idea to do a hike before breakfast. However only 5 minutes into the hike and you will know exactly why it was a fantastic idea and one you will be keen to repeat.

Lions Head in Cape Town is the perfect sunrise hike.  Often called “the best value for energy” hike in the Cape you can be at the top in an hour and even if you start a little later the 2nd half of the hike has clear views to the East so you won’t miss out.

The first half of the hike winds around the peak so you get amazing night time city views followed by night time sea views.


The view of the city at night


Then the 2nd half scrambles up the East side until following a ridge with views to both the East and the West. As the sun rises the light over the Atlantic gradually changes.

Until finally the sun rises.

The sun beginning to peak over the horizon


It is an invigorating and wonderful way to start the day. All that remains is for you to head back down and tuck into a well earned breakfast.