If legend is to be believed, Table Mountain is actually “The watcher of the South”  Umlindi Wemingizumu, one of the giants created by mother earth Djobela to guard the earth from the menacing sea.

Djobela had a son with Tixo, God of the Sun called Quamata who created the earth. But Nganyaba the great dragon of the sea fought with Quamata to stop him creating dry land. To defend her son and his creation Djobela created four mighty giants to guard the North, South, Eastern and Western extremeties of the new land. The biggest and strongest of these giants was placed at the South.

This giant still stands today as Table Mountain. Once the sea dragon had been defeated, the earth mother turned the giant into a mountain. This is of course Table Mountain, still standing guard at the Southern tip of Africa.

Table Mountain

Table Mountain – The watcher of the South