Walk on Table Mountain at sunrise or


Whatever time of day you walk on Table Mountain, it will be the highlight of your trip to South Africa

It has been a week of Platteklip Gorge hikes. Yesterday I climbed the gorge twice. Once in the early morning and once in the afternoon. Both times I was able to cheat and take the cable car back down, hence my legs are still functioning today!

The first hike began at 7.45 am. Therefore we were driving along Tafelberg Rd at 7.30, just as the sun was rising over the Hottentot Holland and Stellenbosch mountains. What a beautiful sight.

At that time in the morning numerous people are out running or cycling and just enjoying the beautiful scenary on a beautiful winters morning.

The afternoon hike began at 2.45 so we were on top of the mountain by 5pm, and caught the cable car down at 5.30. The sunset over Camps Bay as seen from the cable car was terrific.


 What a perfect day for hiking on Table Mountain