Hiking in the summer months on Table Mountain

This summer is proving to be a hot one in Cape Town. Don’t let this put you off hiking though. Remember there is often a nice cool breeze on top of the mountain. Yesterday was a warm 33 degrees in the city while on top of the mountain we had a lovely little wind to keep us cool. Of course an early start, a hat and lots of water are still essential.

Of special interest in the summer are the famous red disa’s. Correctly called Disa Uniflora, these striking and beautiful orchids can be found in several of the damp places and streams on the mountain.   Window gorge, the aquaduct and Myburghs waterfall ravine are just a few of the best places to see them.

The striking Disa Uniflora

The Striking Red Disa


There are numerous species of Disa to be found on the mountain but these are the most famous and striking. Really you cannot help but stop and admire them.

Also of special interest in the summer is the King Protea. Another striking plant. This flowers on Table Mountain towards the end of summer and is another plant it is impossible to pass without stopping to admire.

King Protea on Table Mountain

The beautiful king protea

So if you are keen to escape the heat of the city and see some amazing plant life, whilst getting some excercise and meeting new friends. Give Ridgway Ramblers a call and book a hike today.