I always look forward to January and February on Table Mountain. Sure it’s hot and the wind blows but some of the most spectacular plants appear. Any time on the mountain is amazing for both colour and diversity but the summer months have the most well known.


The Red Disa is also the representative flower of the Western Cape. A large flower of the Orchid family it is found in several of the streams on the mountain.


The brown colour of the streams is from the tannins in the plants. In the winter you can drink the water quite happily.


The king Protea which is the National flower of South Africa is magnificent. A single shrub may have several different heads. All huge. Found all over the mountain you can see these from late January until early April.

Another delicate beauty from the Disa family is the  Blue Disa






Much smaller than it’s better known red cousin it occurs in small clumps seemingly at random. Its thin stem is moved by the lightest breeze thus its is difficult to capture a decent picture.

These 3 plants although my favourites are just the tip of the iceberg. Every step reveals a different plant and a flash of color.