Spring hiking on Table Mountain

Traditionally the 1st of September is the first day of Spring in Cape Town and this year there has been a marked change in the weather since that date. Spring hiking on Table Mountain is the best way to welcome the weather and enjoy the natural beauty of the Western Cape.

Although the fynbos kingdom has wonderful wild flowers to see throughout the year, spring is still a special time. Here are a few of the colourful plants I have already seen this year on various parts of the mountain.

wagon tree

The Waboom. One of the Protea family

The Wagon Tree is one of the Protea and family and found in number on Platteklip Gorge. It is named the wagon tree as the trunks were used as brakes on the Ox wagons that trecked from the Cape throughout South Africa.

podalyria calyptrata

The tree sweet pea

The tree sweet pea is always one of my favourite signs of springs arrival. Its beautifully scented pink blossoms are found close to many of the small streams that tumble down the slopes of the mountain.

Tree Pagoda

The Tree Pagoda. Another of the Protea family


Another favourite of mine is the Tree Pagoda. Another Protea, this plant really adds a splash of colour to the landscape.


Forget me not

The smooth leaved bush bugloss

A much smaller flower is the bugloss. I must admit to being unsure how to pronounce its name. I do love its beautiful funnel shaped flowers. It is found from July mainly on the Western slopes of the mountain.

The above plants hardly touch the surface of the plantlife on Table Mountain. Come and join me on a hike and see them in the glory of their natural setting.

It is a wonderful way to spend the day.

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