Hiking in Stellenbosch

Join Ridgway Ramblers for a guided hike in the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve.

The Jonkershoek Nature Reserve is found near the town of Stellenbosch, which is about an hours drive from Cape Town. This is truly one of the most beautiful reserves in the Western Cape. There are a number of hiking trails to choose from with one of the most popular being the Tweede Waterval Trail. (2 waterfalls trail) This is relatively easy 6.4km trail. So the actual walking takes little more than a couple of hours. However most people take a full day to meander along the trail enjoying the beautiful scenary and numerous swimming pools along the way.

Entry to the reserve is R30 per head. From the entrance gate follow the dirt road for about 5km, until it reaches the head of the valley. Here the road takes a turn to the left and crosses the river. Park your car here. Then follow the road back the way you came for 5 minutes until you see the path leading off the road. The path is sandy and relatively flat. After about 10 minutes you pass a turn to the right. This takes you to the first waterfall.

The path is sandy and relatively flat

 Even in mid summer when the fall itself is a trickle, it is worth the 10 minute detour up this path. At the base of the fall is a beautiful pool surrounded by indigenous trees. The ravine leading up to the waterall is narrow and lined with green mosses and ferns.

After a break return to the main path and continue to follow the river up into the valley. You cross a number of small tributary streams and many tempting cool pools. The water is clear and clean so well worth the odd stop. The path becomes a bit rockier and rises steeplyat times. The drop on the right hand side into the river below is quite steep in one place, but only those with a severe fear of heights will find this difficult.

After about an hours walking you reach the turn for the 2nd waterfall. The fall can be seen high above you. When it is flowing strongly this path is closed and dangerous. During the summer months follow the path to yet another peacefull shady area for a break.

Tea break at 2nd waterfall

Return to your car on the same path.