Hike to see the red disa’s

Its that wonderful time of year when the red disa or Disa Uniflora is out on Table Mountain. This beautiful orchid is also the representative flower of the Western Cape and when passing one you cannot help but stop for a closer look.

Also called the pride of Table Mountain the Red Disa  are found in streams and running water on Table Mountain and throughout the Western Cape.  Some of the best places to see them include window gorge, the aquaduct and Myburghs waterfall.

The pride of Table Mountain or the Red Disa.

The pride of Table Mountain or the Red Disa.

I found the one pictured above in the Aquaduct this past weekend. There were 2 open here with a few buds waiting for more sun. Window gorge also had a couple not yet opened.

They should be around for at least the next few weeks, so dig out your walking boots and plan a hike with Ridgway Ramblers. Don’t miss out on catching these lovely plants for their brief moment in the sun!