Hiking rules for safety on

Table Mountain

With the world cup being based in South Africa, Cape Town has a sudden influx of visitors. Many of whom may want to climb Table Mountain. As a Cape Town resident and regular walker I definitely encourage tourists to do this. Table Mountain offers a multitude of wonderful walk and hikes, of a variety of length and difficulty.

Howver, although it is the middle of a large and cosmopolitan city. Table Mountain is still a mountain and needs to be respected as such. Weather conditions on the mountain can be totally different to those in the city and can change dramatically in just a couple of minutes. It is important that anyone planning a walk sticks to a couple of basic rules.

  1.  Wear appropriate footwear. Even in summer it can be damp on top of the mountain and therefore slippery. At the very least hikers should be in comfortable takkies.  
  2.  Do not walk alone.
  3.  Take warm and wet weather gear with you. No matter what the conditions are in the city. A beannie to keep your head warm is a great asset.
  4.  Make sure you know the route you plan to take. If you do not know the route take someone with you who does. Rather hire a guide who is familiar with the mountain if you are a visitor.
  5.  Tell someone where you are going, and what time you are expected back.
  6.  Take a cell phone with you and make sure you have the number of someone you can phone in the case of an emergency.
  7. Water, a hat and sunblock are essential throughout the year.

Cape Town is a wonderful city. It must be the only city in the world with a true wilderness area slap bang in its middle. Once on the mountain you can escape the sounds and smells of the city, see rare fynbos, take in the magnificent scenery and altogether have the best day of your holiday. But it is important that you take into consideration the very basic rules above in order to ensure that your day is safe and enjoyable.

Contact: Binny: 082 522 6056 to book a guided hike on Table Mountain.We can provide wet and warm weather gear if you have not brought with you.