The Platteklip Gorge hiking trail up Table Mountain is one of the most popular.

Although steep it is not technical and anyone of moderate fitness should be able to reach the plateau in under 3 hours.

Don’t underestimate the route though. It is very steep. It can also be dangerously hot during the summer as it has little shade and the rocks reflect the heat.

The views on the way up are magnificent and get better every time you look back. In the last quarter the walls of the canyon close in until you can almost touch both sides.

Once on top the feeling of achievement is unbeatable.

From the top of the gorge there is a short climb up to the plateau and from there 15 minutes easy stroll to the cablecar.


Table mountain

It is so worth the effort.

On the way up you can also appreciate the wealth of plant life and if you are lucky spot some of the wild life that still occupies the mountain such as the elegant klipspringer or elusive Caracal.

For a guided hike up Platteklip Gorge, contact BINNY