Some wonderful Scottish Mountains

I’ve just got back from another hiking holiday in Scotland. We managed 10 munroes and 2 other peaks in 9 days of hiking. We had planned to do more but some heavy snow falls made some trails dangerous and the going somewhat slower than planned.

Here’s a selection of our pictures:


The view from one of the peaks

From the peaks you can see the sheer number of mountains in the area.

We really did experience all weather conditions each day. There was plenty of snow, hail and rain but as the picture below shows. Also some sunshine and blue sky.

One of the peaks we "bagged"

For once we can see where we are heading from the car park


The next picture is taken on the same day and from the peak above. By the time we got there it was snowing quite hard.

Looking over towards the next peak

Looking over towards the next peak

Probably as a result of the weather many of the paths are either very worn or non existant. (or were just hidden under the snow) Here I am climbing up some pretty loose scree to the shoulder of a hill.

Quite a lot of acrambling on these mountains

Some of the ascents (and descents) are pretty steep

The thing about Scottish hiking is number of hills and the variety of trails. I’ll be back next year. And remember. When hiking in Scotland “There is no such thing as bad weather. Only bad equipment.