Moderate Table Mountain hikes

To find a moderate walk up Table Mountain is not too easy. This despite the fact that Table Mountain is only 1080m at the highest point. The problem is that the mountain rises to that lofty height pretty much straight from sea level so most of the hikes actually up Table Mountain are steep and strenuous from a cardiovascular point of view.

However there are plenty of less strenuous and absolutely wonderful walks available on and the around the mountain without actually attempting to climb to the top in one go.

1. Constantia jeep track

The Constantia jeep track leads up onto the back of Table Mountain from the top of Constantia Nek. This is a cement road that gives access to Parks Board and the water board staff to the reservoirs. The road starts at a height of 200m and reaches the first of the reservoirs 3km later at a height of 600m. From here you can either rest at the De Villiers resevoir or follow the road for a further 3km to the waterworks museum. Over this distance is rises to a maximum height of 700m so is not completely flat but is relatively so. This then is still a long walk but the road puts less strain on the muscles than some of the steeper routes.


The road from Constantia Nek

The jeep track from Constantia Nek offers a more gentle way up onto the back of Table Mountain

2. Hike to Maclears Beacon

If you are looking for a moderate hike on Table Mountain that offers all the classic views and are prepared to cheat a little, then the Maclears Beacon hike is the one for you. On this hike you take the cable car both up and down the mountain and enjoy a walk that is generally flat and should take you less than 2 hours to complete. One of the nice things about this hike is that you do get a chance to escape the crowds at the top of the cable car and really enjoy the nature and wildness of Table Mountain without too much excersion at all.


Maclears Beacon. Table Mountain

The hike from the upper cableway station to Maclears Beacon is relatively flat and allows you to escape the crowds.


3.The contour path

The contour path traverses the East and Northern faces of Table Mountain. As the name suggests this route is relatively flat although there are places where it climbs steeply but for very short distances. The entire contour path is around 16km long from Constantia Nek to the lower cable way station so to do the full length would probably not be considered too moderate.  Most people however choose to do shorter sections as there are numerous access points from Kirstenbosch gardens, Newlands Forest, Rhodes Memorial and Tafelberg road. Much of the Eastern parts of the path offer a shady walk in delightful indigenous forest whilst the views on other sections are quite magnificent.

The contour path. Newlands

The contour path offers some wonderful views as well as shady walking

4. The Pipe Track

The Pipe Track is a relatively flat path that follows a contour around the Western facing slope of the mountain. It has the most breathtaking views of Camps Bay and the Atlantic ocean as well as the 12 apostles. The Pipe Track officially ends after 5km at Slangholie ravine although it is also wonderful to follow the continuation of the path for a further km to the bottom of Corridor ravine. This route is very similar to the contour path in that there are very short lived climbs along it, but in general the path is relatively flat. There are less access routes along it that there are on the contour path so in general you do need to do an out back route.

The view from the Pipe Track

The Pipe Track offers some of the most magnificent views

 These then are just a few examples of some of the moderate hikes that are available on Table Mountain.  Contact Ridgway Ramblers for more information on any of the above hikes.