Winter hikes on Table Mountain sometimes offer the most unexpected surprises.

Twice this week Cape Town was covered in a thick cloud completely obscuring the mountain. It seemed like the hike would be one without many views. However our decision to walk anyway was well worth it. Within half an hour we emerged above the clouds!


Table Mountain walks

A small way up Platteklip Gorge and we emerged into the sunlight

 The rest of the hike was in broad daylight while the city was hidden below. Once on top Lions Head was just visible.

Table Mountain hikes

Lions Head is just visible

Similarly the 12 Apostle chain stood above a layer of cloud.

Table Mountain hiking

Camps Bay, like the city is deep in the mist

Contact Ridgway Ramblers for further information on hiking trails on Table Mountain. Whatever the conditions in the city, you just never know what might be going on such a short distance away.