Hiking with kids on Table Mountain

Hiking with kids on Table Mountain is a wonderful way to spend time with the kids doing something healthy and fun. The variety of hikes in the area means that children of all ages and ability can find a walk they will love and remember for the rest of their lives. Be it a tough challenge with some ladders thrown in for excitement or a gentle amble with something special to see at the end even a sleep over in one of the tented camps.

Lions Head is often a first hike for children. It is relatively short with a lot of exciting scrambling and a few ladders thrown in for good measure. The scrambling immediately takes everyones mind off tired legs and lungs whilst even the most unimaginative will enjoy the amazing views both on the way up and from the top.

Lions Head hike

At the top of Lions Head

Platteklip gorge although a much bigger challenge remains a popular choice for children. Although tough and with no scrambling it has the benefit of taking you to the top of Table Mountain and a cable car ride back down.

At the top of Platteklip Gorge

A family hike Up Platteklip Gorge

Beach walks are some of the most popular for first time hikers. A major attraction is the lack of gradient and of course the bird and sea life add much. In Cape Town many of the beaches are also home to some interesting wrecks which make a wonderful end point for the walk.

beach walk in Cape Town

Walking on a beach is always a favourite with children

Other places of interest that can form a wonderful destination for a hike are the elephants eye cave, tranquility cracks or Cecelia Waterfall. Children can spend hours entranced by the myriad of tunnels in the cracks whilst elephants eye cave can be seen from much of the Southern suburbs and so enjoyed from a distance long after the hike is finished. The waterworks museum is of course a wonderful treat to visit for anyone as is the Woodhead tunnel on Disa Gorge.

I could go on for hours thinking of places where I have taken children, but get out there are explore Table Mountain yourself. You will be amazed what hidden wonders you will fine.