Hiking trails on Table  Mountain

There are manyhiking trails on Table Mountain; most of them take just a few hours or a day, giving you a small window to experience everything this amazing mountainous area has to offer. If you are hoping for more of a chance to explore and really get to know the area there may be the perfect hike for you – taking 5 days to complete fully, the trail starts at Cape Point and ends just past the Valley of the Red Gods at an upper cableway station in the Table Mountain National Park. The trail is long, allowing you to traverse 75kilometres (46 miles) of natural beauty as you take in the wonders that make Table Mountain so amazing.

Please note: If you don’t have time for the full trail it is possible to do 1 or 2 day hikes and enjoy a night in any one of the camps only. It is not necessary to book the full trail.

Ridgway Ramblers offer guided hikes along the full 5 day trail with full 5 start catering and luggage transport. 

Essentials to Bring on hiking trails on Table Mountain

When you are attempting a hike such as this it is important that you bring with you, whilst also keeping the weight down as much as you can. Items you cannot be without when tackling this particular walking trail include:

  • Good walking boots – Uncomfortable boots or sore feet on a long hike such as this is a big no-no, you have a long way to go!
  • Water bottles – Hydration is key when walking on these trails; you cannot risk becoming dehydrated as this can quickly cause serious illness.
  • Weather-proof hiking gear – The weather here is very unpredictable so you must be prepared for anything at any time.
  • Someone who knows the trail is essential. The cloud cover can come in very quickly on Table Mountain meaning you need to know exactly where you are.

Knowing what to take when you’re following a trail such as this is essential as it allows you to keep your backpacks as light as possible, while still having as many useful items as you can carry. If you are looking for further suggestions on items to take when hiking you can find  from professionals.

Hiking Trails on Table Mountain

This trail involves the whole National Park rather than just the mountain itself, giving you a chance to see the natural plants that grow here and animals that live here, as well as amazing views and picturesque scenes. The journey begins on day one at Cape Point Lighthouse and travels to Smitswinkel; the trail heads north, offering stunning views of the False Bay Coast and Cape Point. Here you are likely to see a variety of different antelope, perfect for photographs if you can snap them fast enough, as well as possible whales out in the sea if you are visiting between August and October. There is a camp at Smitswinkel that you will need to book in advance if you wish to stay here, it is sheltered by flowering gum plantations, the perfect place to relax after a long day of hiking.

On day two you should take a shuttle from Smitswinkel to Red Hill road. From here you will follow the trail to Slangkop; this route takes you away from the graceful curve of False Bay and travels towards Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak, offering nature fanatics a chance to marvel at the amazing plants and bushes that grow here, offering beautiful flowers to admire and photograph for those with a keen eye. You will pass Kleinplaas Dam on the way to the campsite at Slangkop, you should pay attention here for fish eagles; if you cannot see any, listen for their distinctive cries.

Day three will take you from Slangkop to Silvermine- this is arguably one of the most amazing days on the trail. You will walk along beautiful white sand beaches, letting you take in the sound of crashing waves with each footstep, offering you the chance to see nature at work all around you. After traversing the beach section of the trail you will be challenged with an ascent up to Chapman’s Peak where you will be rewarded with 360 degree panoramic views from Cape Point to Table Mountain. The hike will then continue to Silvermine where you can camp for the night and rest up for the challenges to come the following day.

On this section of the trail you will find view after view, offering sweeping vistas and animals in their natural habitat to photograph and enjoy. You will pass by one of the few urban parks in the world, allowing you to appreciate the way nature and the city interacts with each other. This day ends at Orange Kloof, offering a camp surrounded by the amazing Afromontane forest to relax in.

The final day of this trail will not leave anyone disappointed; you set off through the Afromontane forest exploring Table Mountain as you go, surrounded by fynbos and historic landmarks – Table Mountain really is in a world of its own here. There are panoramic views here that cannot be missed, gorges to ascend and flowers and nature to photograph. The day and trail will end as you hike through the Valley of the Red Gods to the upper cableway station, from here you can descend by cable car or via Platteklip Gorge. Either way of descending will give you the perfect end to the perfect trail around Table Mountain National Park.

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