Hiking trails above Camps Bay

Some of the most beautiful hiking trails on Table Mountain are those that overlook Camps Bay. This is the Western side of the mountain. The side with dramatic cliff and sea scenery with fantastic views of Lions Head and the Atlantic seaboard. There are a number of possible routes up the mountain of varying levels of difficulty. The starting point for the hikes on this side of the mountain is the pipe track. This path although fairly flat offers some pretty amazing views and can be done as a walk in itself without even venturing up the mountain.

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The Pipe track is so named because the water from the reservoirs on top of the mountain used to be piped along the pipe track to the city. Remnants of this pipe still remain. The Pipe track itself is +/- 5km long from the top of Kloof Nek Rd to Slangholie ravine. In that distance you pass a number of different paths up Table Mountain.

Blinkwater Ravine: Although officially closed this is a wonderful route. Steep with some small scrambles and a beautiful waterfall. It is closed due to some rock falls in the past and the path is far from clear.

Diagonal Path: Another beautiful route with some minor scrambling. As the name implies this route takes you on a diagonal route up the mountain. Again the path is not too clear if you have not done this route before.

Kasteelspoort: One of the most popular routes onto the back Table. This is the route up which much of the materials for the reservoirs were winched or hauled. The original cable car went up this route and remnants of the old working can be seen on the way up or from the view point at the top.

Woody Ravine: Until recently this route was closed due to rock falls however it has opened up again recently. Steep but with more shade than many of the other routes.

3 firs Path: One of my favourites this route follows spring buttress just before Slangholie ravine which is the end of the official pipe track. Also some minor scrambling this route does have a little exposure.

Although the Pipe Track officially finishes at Slangholie ravine (as it is here that the pipe comes through the mountain from the reservoirs to begin its journey back to the city) The path does continue for a further couple of km and passes more routes up the mountain.

Corridor ravine: is the next route you pass. This is one of the easiest routes up on Table Mountain as since the beginning of the Pipe track you have climbed to 400m so now only have 300m further up to the top. (the back of Table Mountain a large area that is around 300m lower than the highest point. Thus from any of these routes to get to the main plateau you do still have to climb a little further to get to main plateau overlooking the city.)

The final hiking trail from the extension of the pipe track is Oudekraal ravine. As one of the least used this route is a little loose underfoot but definitely worth doing.

These trails mentioned are by no means the only trails up from the pipe track. These are however the best hiking trails as opposed to scrambles and climbs. Whichever route you choose you will enjoy some fantastic scenery, well away from the crowds.

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