Hiking the twelve apostles. Table Mountain

A lovely day hike on Table Mountain takes you along the Twelve Apostles which overlook Camps Bay. Strangely named, as there are 17 buttresses none of which are named after anyone in the bible, the routes along this side of the mountain are steep with dramatic scenary.

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Most of the paths up Table Mountain on this side lead from the Pipe Track which contours around the mountain at a height of +/- 200m. The Pipe Track begins at the corner of Kloof Nek and Tafelberg Rd. After 5 minutes on this path you get over the brow and are immediately struck by one of the most beautiful views in Cape Town.

The view from the Pipe Track

Overlooking Camps Bay and the 12 Apostles from the Pipe Track

Continuing the gently undulating path you pass many routes up the mountain. The first is Blinkwater ravine. Next is Diagonal Path followed by Kasteelspoort and  Woody ravine. Blinkwater and Woody are both marked as closed due to flood damage to the paths and the fear of rock falls. Kasteelspoort is one of the most popular routes up the mountain and the one I would recommend if you are not familiar with the mountain.


The Kasteelspoort route up Table Mountain

The bottom of the Kasteelspoort hike

You should reach Kasteelspoort after about 45 minutes on the Pipe Track. The climb up onto the Back Table should then take you another +/- 2 hours. This route is fairly straight forward with some places of very very minor scrambling.

The path up Kasteelspoort

The top of Kasteelspoort

At the top of Kasteelspoort turn right onto the 12 Apostles path and continue South. After 5 minutes walking you come to a cross road. It is well worth taking a short detour to the lookout point here.


The lookout point at the top of Kasteelspoort

Kasteelspoort lookout


Return to the cross roads and continue South. The path is clear and leads past Woody and Slangholie ravines. Both are signed as dangerous descents. At Slangholie you turn inland for a short distance and scramble up a small incline before returning to the path which leads to corridor and oedekraal ravines.

top of Slangholie Ravine

The top of Slangholie ravine

The 12 Apostles path continues as far as Llundudno, however in order to complete the full 12 Apostles you would need to have arranged a car at the end point as the Pipe Track only extends as far as Oedekraal Ravine. Assuming you are doing a circular hike you will then descend down either Corridor or Oedekraal ravine. Corridor comes first and at this stage is the slightly better path. Both are loose underfoot and care needs to be taken. Once back on the Pipe Track you head back towards Cape Town. This section of the walk has some of the most outstanding views found anywhere in the Cape Peninsula.

A view from the Pipe Track

The view of Lions Head from the Pipe Track

Once back on the Pipe Track you head back to your car. In total the hike should take around 6 hours to complete.

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