Hiking up the Helderberg

The Helderberg is the name given to the freestanding mountain in Somerset West. Observed from either side it consists of 2 peaks. On one side is West Peak which is 900m in height, whilst the Dome on the otherside is 100m higher.

There are 2 common access points to both peaks. One is the Helderberg Nature reserve in Somerset West. From here you hike up in between the 2 peaks and on arriving at the shoulder can choose which peak to ascend. West Peak is the much quicker route. You can be up and back to the shoulder in an hour.

To get to the Dome involves a longer traverse around the Cape Town side of the mountain. This is a 2 hour round trip from the shoulder.

The other access point is from the Helderberg Farm. This approaches the mountain from the South West and so you ascend directly up West Peak. Thus the hike to the Dome via the shoulder is a great, but quite long hike.

Whichever route, and whichever peak you choose, the views are magnificent. 360 degree views as far as Table Mountain and the entire Peninsula on one side with the Helderberg Basin spread out all around you.


View from the shoulder

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