Multi day hiking in the Cederberg Wilderness area

I have just returned from a fantastic 3 days in the Cederberg Wilderness area. A mere 3 hours drive from Cape Town this extensive area offers a multitude of amazing trails of various difficulty. It is also rich with Bushman art which always offers an interesting distraction for an afternoon off or even on some of the trails itself.

Ridgway Ramblers offer a 3 day get away into this wonderful area.  Camping or chalet accommodation is available.

The first days hike is to the Maltese Cross. This is a moderate 3 to 4 hour hike through amazing terrain to a large monolithic rock formation that totally dominates the area. As you follow a stream for much of the route there is a possibility to swim or at least splash cool water into your face along the way.

Cederberg hiking

The Maltese Cross dominates the area around it

Day 2, is the tough and challenging day. We hike to the Wolfberg Cracks and then to the Arch.  The hike starts with a steep climb up the imposing Wolfberg mountain. It should take you about 2 hours to reach the cracks. These are clearly visible from the start of the hike and are literally 3 cracks in the mountain. Once there you can choose to go through the left most crack. This is quite amazing as you walk through a narrow corridor with a huge imposing boulder on your left to emerge on top of the mountain. The alternative route takes you through the middle crack (crack 3 leads into crack 3) and involves some scrambling and squeezing past and over boulders. Taking the straight forward route takes +/- half an hour. The scramble route 1 hour +

cederberg hikes

The view from the cracks

Once on top of the mountain the route continues along a fairly flat route to the Arch. This section of the hike takes one to one and a half hours.

The return journey is along the same path.

Day 3 is the easiest but most incredible hike to Lots wife. If you rush around you can complete this hike in an hour, but ther rock formations and terrain along the way are so incredible that you need to take at least 2 hours to truly appreciate the area and its outstanding beauty.

For more information on this amazing 3 day trail. Contact Binny at Ridgway Ramblers

Hike in the Cederberg

One of the amazing rock formations on Lots window hike