Hiking in Cape Point – The shipwreck trail

The Ship wreck hiking trail in Cape Point is a wonderful hike for the whole family. A circular route that should take you between 2 and 3 hours to complete, it takes you along the most beautiful stretch of beach and then back through wonderful fynbos. Not strenuous this route offers an opportunity to escape the crowds, explore some wrecks and see some wildlife.

Enter Cape Point and then take the first road to your left signposted Olifantsbos. This road will take you for +/-2 km to the parking area. The hike is signed to start from the parking area.

A clear path leads you through the fynbos towards the beach. After 5 minutes there is a section crossing some rocks but then you are on the beach and just follow your nose. You seldom see other people here, just a wide expanse of pristine white sand with the turquoise seas sparkling beyond. Beyond the reefs there are numerous ships that have been wrecked over time here. Most of them lie beneath the waves, but after about an hour along the beach you come across the wreck of the Thomas T Tucker lying on the beach.

She was an American ship wrecked in 1942. The captain was obviously a bit lost and thought he’d struck Robben island! There are also some huge whale bones stranded here. The size is incredible.

The remains of a whale

An enormous whale bone lies beside the shipwreck

Another 15 minutes brings you to a second wreck that is on the beach. This is the Nolleth which was wrecked in 1965. Unlike the Thomas T Tucker no lives were lost with this wreck, but the cargo of whisky mysteriously disappeared before customs arrived to claim them!.

The Nolleth shipwreck

Another shipwreck lies on the beach

From here the path turns inland and leads up and begins to take you back towards the car park. A gradual climb of 60m takes you the highest point of this walk before you begin a gradual descent back towards the sea and you car.

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