Hiking at the Cape of Storms

Anyone who was in Cape Town this past week can imagine that a hike at Cape Point was really a hike at the Cape of Storms.  Luckily the storm only lasted for one day so we had one beautiful day of hiking followed by a cosy night in the overnight hut listening to the storm raging outside. I’m afraid we did wimp out of hiking in the pouring rain on day 2,and after a leisurely bacon and egg breakfast managed to hitch a lift back to our cars with the National Parks.

Altogether a hugely successful and enjoyable hike.

Here are some of the photographs.

 The fynbos was absolutely amazing, with a multitude of sunbirds fluttering around. Perhaps they were aware of the impending storm and were filling up ahead of a day relaxing in their nests with a good book!

walk in Cape Point


Looking behind us we could see the storm approaching, creating the most amazing light.

Cape Point walks

We were even lucky enough to see some other wildlife. No baboons today though which is not necessarily a disappointment.

 hike in Cape Point


This group of Eland were literally 5 metres from the path and completely undisturbed by our passing.

At last our cottage came into view. Still ahead of the rain we had time to settle in for a while aand enjoy a sundowner before the wind picked up to gale force. The cottage is perfect for such an evening with indoor cooking facilities, hot water etc. Sometime during the night someone switched a tap on in the sky and the rain absolutely poured down.

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