Hike up Devils Peak

Devils Peak is the peak on the left of Table Mountain if you stand in the waterfront and face Table Mountain. Originally called “windberg” (windy mountain) its more recent name is taken from the legend about the a pirate the Devil and a smoking competition.

Whatever the name, Devils Peak is a lovely walk with amazing views from the top which is often overlooked by visitors to Cape Town.

One of the most direct routes is from Newlands Forest via Newlands ravine.

To get there park in Newlands Forest at the forestry station and head up the tar road. At the T junction turn left and then before crossing the river take the path that follows the river directly up hill. At the next junction cross the river (via a small bridge) and continue up hill following the river. After 5 minutes you again cross a jeep track. Turn right here and down the hill cross the river and take the small path and again follow the river up hill. Keep heading up. There are a myriad of small paths in this next section so just keep going up until eventually you will come to the contour path.

Once at the contour path turn right and you will very soon come to the bottom of Newlands Ravine. You can’t miss it as directly opposite the path that leads up the ravine is a lovely wooden circle with benches. The route takes you up on a clear zig zag path. After about 40 minutes climbing you reach the saddle at 700m. (The saddle is the low area between Table Mountain and Devils Peak)

At the top of the ravine take the path to the left which leads you steeply down for 10 minutes to the lowest point of the saddle. (ignore a path that forks to the right after 5 minutes. This leads to Dark Gorge) Turn left and follow the path across the saddle to the city side. At the next junction you take a sharp right and begin the steep climb to the top of Devils Peak. The top of Devils Peak is 1001 metres, and having dropped down to 650m, you know have a 350m climb pretty much straight up. The path is quite worn and eroded so although no big steps it is still tiring. Half way up the climb you meet the Upper Traverse path which comes in from the left. Turn right here and continue up.


The view of Table Mountain from Devils Peak

The view of Table Mountain from the path up Devils Peak

Reaching the peak is well worth the effort. The full 360 degree view takes in False Bay, Table Bay, Table Mountain and the city.

Contact us to arrange a guided hike up Devils Peak. You won’t regret it!