Hike the Hoerikwaggo Trail

Smitswinkel to Slangkop

Join Ridgway Ramblers for the full five day Hoerikwaggo trail or for any portion of the trail that you have the time to enjoy. We will organise your food, accommodation, and ensure that your luggage is transported from camp to camp. Leaving you free to enoy the hiking without having to worry about anything.

Day 2 of the Hoerikwagga Trail offers a number of choices all of which require you to get a lift a short distance from Smitswinkel camp. My favourite route is to follow the coastline from Scarborough beach to Slangkop. This is the shortest and easiest day of the hike, but absolutely fantastic for views and enjoyment. You can really take your time and enjoy the scenery, the sea and the rock pools.

The village of Scarborough is a short 15 minute drive from the camp. Once in the village turn left at the stop street and you cannot miss the beach. Once you are on the beach turn right (facing the sea) and begin making your way North.

Scarborough beach is the first of a series of beautiful, largly empty, classic white beaches that you find along the Atlantic coast here.

Scarborough Beach Cape Town

The beautiful white sands of Scarborough

As you go around the corner and start to head towards Misty cliffs there is a short stretch of rock hopping and following a path through the patchy grass at the scrub between the road and the beach. At one stage it may be easier to follow a path up to the road for about 200m before dropping down onto Misty cliffs beach. The road here is very quiet and incredibly scenic so it is no hardship to take this option.

At the far side of Misty cliffs beach you continue along a series of flat rocks until reaching Witsands beach. Here it is easiest to go to the hard packed sand close to the water and just head to the crayfish factory at the far end. From here you enter the Soetwater Reserve. The Soetwater area is considered ecologically sensitive, and management plans are being implemented to protect its rich biodiversity. Much of the shoreline here is rocky, but there are a few sandy bays, and two large artificial tidal pools offer safe swimming. Dense kelp beds line the shore and crayfish divers as well as hoop net fishers operating from small dinghies can often be seen in the area during the rock lobster season

After about 3km you will see the Slangkop lighthouse ahead of you. Go behind the lighthouse and onto lighthouse road. Follow the road for +/- 500m and you will see the tented camp on your left.


The lighthouse at Slangkop

The Slangkop Lighthouse