Hike from one end of Table Mountain to the


One of the best hikes in Cape Town is to hike from one end of Table Mountain to the other. Starting at Constantia Nek you can hike to Cape Town right over the mountain and then either take the cable car down or tackle the steep Platteklip Gorge.

Starting at the car park at the circle at the top of Constantia Nek you head up the road. Do not go into Orange Kloof, but rather up the steep tar road to the right. After a minute or 2 you pass through a gate and are officially in the Table Mountain National Park.

Almost immediately after the sign, turn left up a small steep path that cuts out the first huge loop of the jeep track. This does save time but your lungs and legs may well complain a bit as this half hour slog up hill is one of the toughest of the day. This path rejoins the jeep track and here you can choose to follow the road or continue on another smaller path. Taking the path is probably quicker but marginally so. Those not used to hiking on steps might prefer to continue up the road.

Hiking on Table Mountain

The first section of the path is steep and tiring

This road extends right up onto the back of Table Mountain and the reservoirs. It is necessary as it allows Parks Board and the water authorities access onto the mountain so you may see a vehicle or two. They are however very strict about private vehicles so don’t worry about your hike being interrupted by the noise and smells of lots of vehicles.

After about 40 mins the path (if you chose this route) rejoins the road and you continue on to the back table. The final switchback turn leads you to the steepest section of the road but after 15 minutes you reach a small bridge over a gulley. From here the going is easier…….Not flat, but easier.

You now continue along the road past the Overseers cottage where the road swings to the left and leads to the middle of the mountain. Past the Victoria and Alexandria dams to the much larger Woodhead dam. Here you turn left and cross the dam wall. Below you stretches Orange Kloof, the only restricted area of Table Mountain and a beautiful hiking trail.

The Woodhead dam

Cross the dam wall and enjoy the views down into Orange kloof

Having crossed the dam wall continue along the path until it reaches a junction of several paths. Here you turn right back onto the road (which has circled the dam around the other end) for about 5  minutes until you take a small path that leads you up and over Kitchen ravine. The views behind you are magnificent as you climb right above the reservoirs and can look almost right down the Peninsula from here.

Orange Kloof

The view from the Woodhead dam wall

After 30 minutes climbing you have a short down hike to Echo Valley and then another steep climb up onto the central table.

From here its a mere 15 minutes walk to the cable car, or for the energetic the hike down Platteklip Gorge.

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