Hike the 12 Apostles of Table Mountain

One of the most classic hikes on Table Mountain is the hike along the 12 Apostles. The 12 Apostles of the Table Mountain are the cliffs that tower above Camps Bay. The name is a bit of a misnomer as there are actually 17 different buttresses, and apart from Judas peak above Hout Bay none are named after the apostles.

The 12 Apostles spine path runs along the top of the buttresses from Llandudno to the main plateau (where you will find the cable car) It is relatively flat along the entire length (once you get to the top of the mountain) with stupendous views all around the peninsula.

Walking the entire route will definitely take an entire day, but there are several other gorges to both ascend and descend the mountain so if you are looking for something a little shorter there are several options. One of the most common options would be to hike a circular route from Theresa Avenue up to the pipe track, up Corridor ravine and then along the Apostles and descending via Kasteelspoort. This route should take you about 4 hours and offers not only some amazing views but also a chance to visit Tranquility crags. One of the most amazing places on the mountain.

A beautiful view from the 12 Apostles path

The views from the 12 Apostles path are just amazing

My personal favourite is also a circular route beginning at Theresa avenue. I enjoy the hike up Diagonal path and down Woody ravine. No real reason for it being a favourite. Whatever route you take offers amazing views and a chance to escape the crowds.

From Diagonal ravine, moving towards the cable car, the spine path heads away from the Western edge of the mountain and more into the centre. Here you drop into a wonderful little valley called “Valley of the Red Gods” Throughout the summer there is a trickle of water into a small shady overhang. Its a beautiful peaceful place. Well worth taking a break.

Enjoying the view

The view South

Climbing out of the valley it is well worth turning back and seeing the views of the entire peninsula. You can see both the Atlantic and False Bay and the mountain chain stretching down towards Cape Point as far as Simons Town. Facing the other direction you can also see the small square box that is the cable car. Before getting there you drop steeply down into Echo Valley and have a final climb up to the main plateau.

Whether you decide to hike the entire 12 Apostles, or just do a shorter section you will not be disappointed. The views, the peace and quiet, the fynbos. All will blow your mind and ensure you return to explore more of the mountain as soon as you can.

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