I’ve just returned from an amazing hike in the Ethiopian Simien mountains. It was a fantastic experience.

The mountains themselves are dramatic with a huge variety of plant life as well as many endemic and endangered animal species. But the cultural and history of Ethiopia is also fascinating and part of the whole trip.

The view of the Jinnbar falls was impressive to say the least

I spent 7 days hiking all of it above 3000m. We summitted the 2 highest peaks in the country. Ras Deshen (4543m) and Mt Buhuit (4437m)

The trek was well managed to facilitate acclimatization. Camping is only permitted in several designated camp sites along the way, however these were never crowded and although the facilities are obviously rudimentary were generally clean and well managed.

Yet another spectacular view


I highly recommend Ethiopia as a destination for anyone who loves mountains.

We booked through Awaze tours. They were great. Everything well managed and organised.