Safe hiking on Table Mountain

Last weekend saw a dramatic rescue being performed on Table Mountain. 2 hikers became stuck on a ledge on 1st Waterfall ravine on Devils Peak. Luckily both were unhurt, but had found themselves unable to continue either up or down thus had been compelled to call for help.

Anyone planning a hike on Table Mountain is urged to ensure they have someone in the group who knows the route.

There are several gorges and routes up Table Mountain. Some easy, some requiring some technical scrambling and others only possible with the use of ropes. On many of the routes it is necessary to know where to go in order to take the safe route up. If you do find yourself on a route that you are not familiar with bear in mind that it is often easier to get up, than it is to come down. So before continuing to struggle up, make sure you will be comfortable to get yourself down that same route.

Examples of entirely safe routes up Table Mountain are: Platteklip Gorge, Nursery ravine and the Constantia jeep track. Although all are steep anyone of moderate fitness can manage these route. There is no exposure or technical skills required.

Easy scramble route examples are: Llundudno corner, Nursery Butress and Diagonal ravine.

Examples of slightly more technical scramble routes are: Woody Buttress and India Venster. These routes require some technical scrambling and have some exposure. Although use of a rope is not necessary, it is a good idea to have one with the group in case someone is nervous.

More advanced scrambling is required on routes such a Kloof Corner. For these you need a very good head for heights and a rope is highly recommended.

(These lists are far from exhaustive. There are literally hundreds of routes on Table Mountain)