I am often asked “do I really need to take a guide on Table Mountain” and it is always a difficult question to answer as it is so subjective. If you are an experienced walker, can read a map and are well equipped, you may well be fine. However a guide can still add to your enjoyment of the day with added information and knowing where to find the elusive orchid, the most secluded paths, where to find a fresh water spring or where the best view points are etc.

But if you are not experienced then it is worth bearing in mind that Table Mountain is a lot bigger than supposed and that there are many many routes many of which are not marked on maps. Some of these are more suitable for those experienced with ropes or not suitable in wet or very windy conditions.  The weather conditions can also change at the “drop of a hat” leaving you with zero visability.

Table Mountain walks

There is a lot more space on Table Mountain than is often assumed


Table Mountain walks

Some of the routes are very steep and unmarked


Table Mountain hikes

The clouds can add to the beauty of the hike but also leave you with zero visibility

If you are interested in hiking on Table Mountain and would like to take a guide please contact us